Episode 22 – Collections

After discussing the games we played, we talk about our collections, their size, the games we got rid of, the games we’ll definitely keep and much more.

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One Reply to “Episode 22 – Collections”

  1. RogerBW

    Yeah, I miss Spiel. As I’m in the UK, I was expecting this to be the last year I could afford anyway, and now even that’s gone.

    I grew up with computer games, when “recognisable name” meant “we spent the budget on the name rather than on the programming”, so it took me a bit of learning to realise that boardgames could be different. Firefly went a long way towards fixing that, and the other Kovaleski/Sweigart/Dill IP games I’ve played (Homeland and Star Trek Ascendancy) have helped too.

    Per BGG, I own 365 games (hmm!) plus 211 expansions (which tend to be in the original game’s box). There are definitely some that could go if I had to crush down the space, but they’re games I’m in the mood for very occasionally… and I really want to play them when I am. I try to do roughly one in one out, but then Kickstarters arrive…

    Since I got out of my main game-acquisition phase I try to play anything before I buy it, or at least read the rules. (I never back a Kickstarter that doesn’t have a rulebook.) Then of course Essen happens…

    “OK with the weird” should be your new motto.

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