Episode 17 – Jess Cassady (Interview)

In episode 17, we have the pleasure of talking to the wonderful Jess Cassady who is known for a great number of things, including her work on Lovelace & Babbage, her tireless convention attendance and being an overall wonderful person and positive voice in our community.

Music: Black Moons by The 126er on YouTube


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2 Replies to “Episode 17 – Jess Cassady (Interview)”

  1. RogerBW

    Really interesting, thanks. I think you do the best interviews I’ve heard.

    When someone’s bloviating at a fellow gamer, I find it hard to tell (particularly with someone I don’t know) whether I should jump in in their defence. I think the functional minimum is not to go along with that kind of talk, and maybe get involved if it persists and the target doesn’t seem to be happy with it. Fortunately it’s very rare among the boardgamers I meet.

    • Oliver

      Thank you. We both thought this was a really wonderful interview, so it’s nice to hear others feel the same.

      It’s hard to say how best to deal with this sort of situation. As you say, it depends on the group, which might enjoy certain types of table talk. If it’s people who know each other, then they will probably have set their own standards. In an open gaming situation where people don’t know each other, it’s quite different though and certain behaviour simply mustn’t be tolerated.

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