Episode 10 – Essen Preview

With Essen Spiel only a few weeks away, we look at this huge event in the tabletop games industry calendar and give some tips for attending the convention and teach a few quick German phrases.

Music: Black Moons by The 126er on YouTube

Essen Spiel 2019 Key Facts


List of Games

Antoinette’s List




Oliver’s List





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2 Replies to “Episode 10 – Essen Preview”

  1. RogerBW

    I used a trolley on Thursday at Essen last year, and found the politest way was to have it directly in front of me – than I could see where the edges were and avoid barging people with it. But this year I’ve got a parking space under Hall 3, thanks to my demo work, so I can just shuttle things back to the car.

    The at-show catalogue is huge and heavy and full of advertising, so I never take one – usually there are maps linked from BGG before the show.

    I get through the day on cheap nasty energy drinks, but I don’t recommend this to everyone.

    I don’t really do Essen preorders, because generally if I can wait a few weeks I can get the hot new games in the UK anyway. What I go to Essen for is to try out new games that I’m not sure about.

    When I feel over-peopled, I usually find one of the alcoves off the Galleria and sit on the floor there.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment, Roger.

      It sounds like you’ve got this year’s Essen Spiel sorted.

      I agree with you about the catalogue. I tend to print out the map and exhibitor list, so I can mark up the places of interest on there, without having to lug around a heavy tome.

      I will have to try the Galleria this year to see how quiet it is. That’s a good tip, thank you.

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