Episode 6 – Small box games

This time we explain the game terms dexterity, tableau building and bluffing, before we talk about the often overlooked category of small box games.

Music: Black Moons by The 126er on YouTube


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2 Replies to “Episode 6 – Small box games”

  1. RogerBW

    A trick with Coup: you can win while never lying at all, as long as you don’t tell people that this is what you’re doing.

    My least favourite big box for a small box game is Splendor, where I managed to design and 3d-print a box taking up about a quarter of the original size and fitting all the components (though not the rulebook). https://3d.firedrake.org/3284.jpg At some point I’ll make a larger one for the Cities of Splendor content…

    The game that lives in my pocket is still Red7, which I cut down from its original box to a card-case simply by folding the rulebook in half. (The rulebook is terrible anyway.)

    • Oliver

      Hello Drake(?), thank you for your comment.

      Yes, I guess there is no need to lie in Coup, but I guess most people do at some point.

      I like your 3D printed box for Splendor. I agree, a lot of games could easily be actual small box games, because the box they come in is basically just full of air.

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