Episode 30 – 60 minutes or more

Antoinette and Oliver finish the series of games you can play in a certain amount of time by each presenting 13 games that play in 60 minutes or more. The categories are the same as last time and as always, we’d love you to play along by commenting below:

  • co-op games
  • dice games
  • word games
  • dexterity games
  • card games
  • area control games
  • tile games
  • deduction / hidden information games
  • resource management games
  • party games
  • strategy games
  • most unusual games

SPOILER – You can see Antoinette and Oliver’s picks right at the bottom of this page.

Intro Music: Black Moons by The 126er on YouTube

Games List


Our 13 Games

  • Co-op Games
    • Antoinette: Gloomhaven
    • Oliver: Sleeping Gods
  • Dice Games
    • Antoinette: Grand Austria Hotel
    • Oliver: Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game
  • Word Games
    • Antoinette: Scrabble
    • Oliver: Scrabble
  • Dexterity Games
    • Antoinette: Jenga (honourable mentions: Seal Team Flix and Tokyo Highway)
    • Oliver: Catacombs & Castles
  • Card Games
    • Antoinette: Terraforming Mars
    • Oliver: Viticulture
  • Area Control Games
    • Antoinette: Pax Pamir 2e
    • Oliver: Dune
  • Tile Games
    • Antoinette: Isle of Cats (honourable mentions: Feast for Odin)
    • Oliver: Forbidden Sky ((honourable mentions: Carcassonne)
  • Deduction / Hidden Information Games
    • Antoinette: Battlestar Galactica
    • Oliver: Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Resource Management Games
    • Antoinette: Scythe
    • Oliver: Brass: Birmingham
  • Party Games
    • Antoinette: Apples To Apples ((honourable mentions: Don’t Get Got)
    • Oliver: Munchkin
  • Strategy Games
    • Antoinette: Lignum
    • Oliver: March on the Drina: WWI
  • Most Unusual Games
    • Antoinette: Captain Sonar
    • Oliver: The Cost
  • Tableau Building Games
    • Antoinette: Argent the Consortium
    • Oliver: Tapestry (honourable mentions: Concordia)

2 Replies to “Episode 30 – 60 minutes or more”

  1. RogerBW

    Great timing, to cheer me up as I was coming to terms with not going to Essen again this year…

    co-op games

    Easy for me: Aeon’s End, any version, deckbuilding with a twist. But there are others I may use later.

    dice games

    Lots of games have dice in them, but I think Alien Frontiers is sufficiently “a dice game” that it qualifies better here than anywhere else.

    word games

    Nothing in my collection; Letter Jam can get that long if you’re playing slowly. But I’d argue that Scrabble isn’t half bad…

    dexterity games

    Yeah, I got nothing. Something with a long campaign mode so that you play several games in a row?

    card games

    Here I’ll have Renegade, which is also co-op (and Aeon’s End is also a card game, of course). Puzzly deckbuilding, now unavailable thanks to company buyout shenanigans; a second edition is on the way, but it seems likely to have a completely different theme.

    area control games

    Running out of suitable things in my collection here; I do tend to favour shorter games. I suppose I should have put Alien Frontiers here. OK, how about Revolution! ? Mildly obscure now, but definitely one I’ve played quite a bit (even when I wasn’t being paid to) and still enjoy.

    tile games

    New Dawn, a sequel to Among the Stars that takes a bit longer to play. Not that I’ve actually played it yet, and I’ve owned it for a while…

    (I have heard of quite a few reliability problems with the electrical parts in Forbidden Sky.)

    deduction / hidden information games

    Tobago. I missed this when it first came out and only got into it relatively recently, and I’m still hugely enjoying it. Haven’t tried the new expansion yet, but I’m very much in favour of publishers bringing out expansions for decade-old games!

    I do like many social deduction games, but, all together now, “usually shorter ones”.

    resource management games

    It’s a bit marginal, but Leaving Earth is a game I try to squeeze onto every list, and I think it just about fits here (also hidden information).

    party games

    Nothing here for me. It may be just the sort of party I tend to have, but I don’t think a party game can be good at this length, because it takes such a chunk out of the time – unless it’s something like Don’t Get Got where you’re playing it alongside the rest of the party.

    (I’d say that if Munchkin were reliably a half-hour game I’d enjoy it a lot more, but it can easily fall into the ending trap that Antoinette described: Player A is about to win, everybody throws cards to stop them. Player B is about to win, everybody throws cards to stop them. Player C is about to win, and everyone else has run out of win-stopping cards. Which I just don’t find satisfying as a winner or as a loser.)

    strategy games

    Firefly! Yeah, still one of my favourite games and I had to put it in here somewhere.

    most unusual games

    Talon – a space wargame (duration depending on scenario). In most of these you have a counter or model on the board and some sort of individual ship display in front of you; in this game you track your changing ship stats by writing them directly onto the counter with a wipeable pen.

    hidden category: tableau building games

    Hmm. Pretty sure there’s nothing at this length in my collection, or that I’ve played…

    • Oliver Kinne

      Hello Roger. We’re glad we could cheer you up with this episode. I love your list of games and am glad you also couldn’t find a dexterity game that takes 60 minutes or more. Definitely a gap in the market, maybe for a good reason.

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